Technology Series – Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce
How your company needs to plan and prepare

Event Details:

When: October 15th
Session Time: NOON – 1PM
Where: Remote

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Join beat365官方app下载手机 and learn about what your Company needs to plan for and deploy to minimize your company’s risks and maximize your employee’s productivity from home. Cyber-attacks are at an all-time high since Covid-19 hit. It is only going to get worse. You need to plan and take charge and keep the BAD guys out.

  • How the Landscape has changed
  • Security/Cyber security
    • Review the risks and how to improve your company’s security posture
      • Ransom attacks are at an all-time high
      • Cybersecurity Basics (Password Manager, Security Awareness Training, MFA, Encryption)
      • Compliancy Review for your Industry
  • Company Standards. What you should do
    • Company owned PC/Notebooks, VPN, all management tools, Comcast-business service, Wireless
  • Management/Control of your Users and Network
    • Remote Access/VPN, AV, EDR, DNS
  • Company Policy/Processes in place
    • How to control and manage your employees remotely
  • Video Conferencing Tips
    • Teams/Zoom
    • Training
    • Etiquette (Dress code, background, headset)
  • Support (Business and after hours)
    • Employees working around kids/school
  • Q&A